Dell Latitude 5430 Chromebook | Why Is It So Expensive?

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Buy here: 🤍 To the greatest of my ability, these new Chromebooks have never been introduced, and I haven't seen any coverage of them in the mainstream media. The new Dell Latitude 5430 Chromebooks seem to be an updated version of the business-oriented 7400 series with some improvements. Like their predecessors, the 5430 has up to an Intel Core i7 processor and is available as a clamshell or convertible device. The 16:10 aspect ratio is adopted by the 14-inch Chromebooks, but the standard display is sadly only 250 nits bright. On the clamshell, you can upgrade to a 300 nit panel, but the convertible Dell only offers a 250 nit anti-glare screen option. The LTE option for the clamshell model also includes a SIM slot. A Celeron 7305 serves as the entry-level processor, and the highest-end option is the Core i7-1255U. Storage choices range from 64GB eMMC to 512GB NVMe, and RAM options are 8GB or 16GB. The new Dell Enterprise Chromebooks are equipped with two USB-C/Thunderbolt 4 ports, one USB-C, a full-sized SD card slot, an audio jack, and an HDMI port on their exterior. On the keyboard deck is a fingerprint sensor, and depending on the model you choose, the webcam is available in either 720p or 1080p resolution. Apart from that, these laptops resemble standard Latitude models. They will undoubtedly be expertly constructed and designed enterprise clients. Pricing is not yet available, but I would guess that it will be on the expensive side. These Chromebooks are unlikely to be available through consumer channels, and purchasing one directly from Dell will probably be a very expensive endeavor. In any case, it's encouraging to see that Dell is still active. All that's left is for them to introduce a consumer version of the XPS, or something comparable, to take on the HP Dragonfly and, ideally, upcoming halo devices from other OEMs. The link below will take you to the new Dell Latitude 5430 Chromebook's full specifications. #DellLatitude5430Chromebook #DellLatitude5430Chromebookreview #dell

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Dell Latitude 5430 Chromebook | Why Is It So Expensive?
Dell Latitude 5430 Chromebook | Why Is It So Expensive?
Dell Latitude 5430 Chromebook | Why Is It So Expensive?
Dell Latitude 5430 Chromebook | Why Is It So Expensive?
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Peter Wu
2023-05-16 16:20:31

It's very cheap with $1500 price... In Taiwan, Dell XPS 15 will cost you around $2500

Saeed Ahmed
2023-05-13 06:42:46

How does Lumafusion run on it?

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